Core Philosophy

The core philosophy of Dietze is embodied in our quality policy:

Dietze & Associates, L.L.C. is totally committed to servicing the needs of our customers the first time every time in accordance with not only their specified requirements but also to their expectations and to the fullest extent of our capabilities.

Enhancing customer satisfaction is a primary goal and this shall be accomplished by a commitment to consistent improvement in our internal processes and quality objectives through a system of nonconformity reporting, reviews and audits, which include measurement and analysis.

The Quality of our services and processes are contingent upon adherence to our documented quality system, improvement of that system, the skill and competence of our associates and effective communications within the Company and between our associates and our customers.

Associates are encouraged and required to promote improvement in every aspect of our business and through the promulgation of this Quality Policy and the Quality System, Dietze & Associates intends to improve our excellent reputation with our customers throughout the oil transportation industry.